One thing that you will certainly find in our house is peace and quietness.
There is no noise as there are no motor ways near by. But you will hear nature , such as birds, cows, sheep and the rustling of the trees, or the nightly call of an owl.

The lovely country site resembles certain parts of England, with small roads, hills, farms, oak trees and is ideal for walks. There are also interesting bike routes for those visitors that are in good shape ( yes there are hills) . You will find lots of information at the house about the surrounding towns and for road trips and interesting destinations and activities.

The main source of living in this area is farming. You will find lots of Limousin and Charolais cows grazing nearby. There are also corn fields and sunflowers.

The view from the house is spectacular. The house is situated in The Creuse which is a department of The Limousin, an area in the center of France.
However the view from the house is overlooking department Allier, which is part of D’Auvergne. There is the rugged mountain range Massif Central, with the
famous Puy De Dome and the Mont d’Ore, which are on the other side of the valley.
The area is known as “La France Profonde”, charming, old and with lots of history.